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This website is the independent Rotax Maintenance Technician (iRMT) training page of the Rotax Flying and Safety Club (RFSC, Ltd.).This website shows the location of iRMTs that have successfully completed RFSC training and have chosen to be listed.The website also shows the current RFSC training schedule and independent Training Centre (iTC) locations. Students must register here before the date of training.

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iRMT programme

Note: Students that are signing up for any course, other than a Service or 2 Stroke Maintenace course, must use the email address they used for their previous training. If you no longer have access to that email, please contact your instructor before signing up for a renewal or advanced course. A quick way to check your email is to enter your name in the search bar above the map. This will show your training records and contact information.

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A current list of RFSC trained Rotax independent Maintenance Technicians can be found by going to ROTAXiRMT.com This site lists those technicians that are in current status only. Rotax requires that technicians update their training every two years to stay current with the latest releases and techniques.


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